Three Most Important Things To Understand Before Advertising Online

With more and more people shopping and looking for services online, companies are increasingly advertising on the internet.  It is no surprise that online advertising is on the rise; the internet is where consumers are, online advertising can provide a great ROI, and internet marketing allows you to target your advertisements right at you customers. Even though online advertising offers so much, jumping in without the proper knowledge can result in a disaster and a huge waste of money. Below are three things every company needs to consider before they begin internet marketing.

Are You Trustworthy

The internet is full of scammers, and if you want people to purchase your products or services your site needs to ensure trust. If people visit your company’s website and feel they can’t trust you, you will never convert them to customers. A professional looking website goes a long way in building trust, but there is a lot more to building trust than having a good looking site.

Your site needs to function properly. Broken links, page not found errors, images that don’t load, and other functionality problems with your website will send potential customers to your competitors. Does you site function well on mobile devices? Also if you plan on collecting credit card info your website needs to be secure (https not http) and load without any warnings or errors. Would you ever put your money in a bank that had an open backdoor to its vault, then why would expect someone to trust you with their finical information if your site is not secure.

Finally in building trust make your site easy to navigate.  Have people who know little about your company navigate the site and tell you what they think of it. Just make sure you get people who will be honest. By sticking to these basic guidelines people will be more likely to trust your website. If you don’t have a professional site, you should look into Laffin Marketing’s website development.

Is Your Pricing ACCURATE

One of the greatest aspects of the internet is the ability to comparison shop; if someone is looking for a product they can find multiple retailers and compare their prices from the comfort of their home (or anywhere else from their smartphone). As someone trying to sell a product or service on the internet this can be a nightmare.

To be successful online, your pricing needs to be competitive. This can be a tricky thing; setting your prices too high will keep people away, while setting them too low can eliminate your profit or even worse start a price war with a company you are unable to compete with. A good rule of thumb is to do research and set your prices similar to others you find on the internet. You can also become more competitive by offering free shipping, or customer loyalty incentives. Your customers are going to visit your competitor’s sites, so you need to provide competitive pricing while at the same time making enough profit to stay in business. Remember you don’t always have to be the cheapest, especially if you are the most trusted.

Are You an Expert In Online Marketing

Very few people can do it all in any business. It is common to contract out bookkeeping, or cleaning, or media buying. Don’t treat internet marketing any different.  So you are not an expert in building a website, higher someone else to do it. You don’t fully understand how pay per click works, hire a professional ppc manager. Trying to do these things on you own, especially if you don’t know what you are doing, can be devastating. I have seen PPC accounts where people have been wasting over 80% of their money by doing things wrong. Not only can you end up wasting money, you can lose customers. The money spend on experts in internet marketing will often end up saving you down the road.

The internet is still very much like the Wild West and it can be a scary place to begin advertising. However, if you remember to build trust, set your pricing properly and get some experts to help you along the way, you can be the Samuel Colt of the internet. Who knows you may be the one taming the wild and making a fortune while doing it.

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