Everyone Is Your Customer


The Number One Rule of Customer SERVICE

Excellent Customer ServiceQuality customer service is one of the most important aspects of having a successful business. For me, customer service is the most important aspect of my business. I will always try to provide our customers with more than expected.

The customer is always right is not the number one rule of customer service. The number one rule of customer service is that everyone is your customer. It is important to keep in mind that everyone is your potential customer, and should be treated as a customer. Don’t be surprised when your friends never refer any business your way, when you always complain about customers around them. In a social media saturated world, understanding that almost anyone can be your customer is more crucial now than it ever has been.

A Lawyer Forgets About Customer SERVICE

A while back, a friend was searching Craigslist searching for an internship with a law firm. A couple of the firms that had internship postings but didn’t include their firm’s name or any contact info. Not wanting to give up any info (just for it to be resold), my friend sent a polite e-mail asking about the names of the firms, their location. She explained that she was interested in the internship but only wanted to send her personal information to real firms.

One of these firms responded with a nasty e-mail saying that “this is not how things work” and “after I get your information and decide that I want you I will give you more information about my firm.” The e-mail was very unprofessional and written with OBSESSIVE use of CAPS, and typos. My friend was horrified by the response. In her good nature she decided to send another e-mail explaining that all she wanted was to be sure her resume was being sent to an actual law firm. She also stated that she was no longer interested in an internship at such an unprofessional firm. To this e-mail the firm replied with a short three word response, “Good f*&# off.” Only they didn’t censor their text.

Completely appalled at the response my friend turned to me and asked what she should do about it. I told her she could, forget about, or launch an attack on the firm’s reputation. With some googling we were able to find the actual firm. We took to Yelp, Google reviews, BBB, and some other business sites and wrote reviews of this firm, warning people of their unprofessional conduct. Then just to be fair to the firm’s owner we found their e-mail address and sent them an e-mail explaining the whole situation, and that their the unprofessional actions of their employee has resulted in some harm to their online reputation.

The Cost Of Bad Customer SERVICE

Many people turn to the internet when searching for lawyers and now, on Google their results include negative reviews and low star ratings. With the high competition of their industry, these negative reviews will turn some people away to other firms. Their BBB rating has also been hurt by their actions (they are not members and have not responded to our complaint). Basically their firm now has an online reputation problem, because they mistreated someone who was not viewed as a customer. Their lack of customer service in searching for an intern, may cost them some actual customers in the future.

In a world of online reviews and social-networking, a company’s reputation can be tarnished very easily. Your customer service needs to be extended to vendors, employees, and everyone else. Remember to value all people, you never know when a “non-customer” might refer to you the biggest customer your business has ever had, or even worse cost your business the biggest customer it ever could have had.

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