The Wine Making of Internet Marketing

In many ways internet marketing is much like wine making. To become a great vintner who produces great wine one must follow four basic steps. First they must blend together the best ingredients they can get their hands on. Next they must ferment these ingredients for the proper amount of time. After fermentation of their product it must be aged to become a wonderful wine. However the next and final step is what separates the average vintners from the great ones, to become a great vintner one must repeat this process continually improving every step of the process, never settling for good enough. Let’s now look to how these same four steps apply to internet marketing.


Many options exist in the world of internet marketing; pay per click, search engine optimization of websites, social networking, affiliate marketing, and blogging just to name a few. With all these options where is one to start? Just as there are many varieties of wines, there are also many varieties of companies marketing themselves on the internet. Making a decision where to begin will vary depending the goals of your internet marketing.

If your goal is to build a large group of devout fans of your company, Facebook and twitter are probably a good place to start. If your goal is to gain exposure in a highly competitive market you would probably want to consider pay per click options to get guaranteed exposure. It all depends on what your goals are as to where you want to put your most effort. Again just like in wine making, one ingredient just won’t do. A mixture of internet marketing options is the only way to be successful. You need to use the various possible ingredients to build on each other and decide which ingredients should be left out. Great internet marketing utilizes the best available ingredients to best serve your needs.


Fermentation is actually a nasty process when you break it down (pun intended). In the middle of the fermentation process the mix must be filtered to separate the unwanted material from the liquid which will become the final product. This must also be done with internet marketing. Once you have selected your marketing pieces and have collected some data on what is working and what is not, you need to filter out what is not working and put more effort into what is working. There is no reason to continue putting effort into things which are not helping you meet your marketing goals, so you should filter them out so they no longer waste any more of your time. With so many options for marketing your company on the internet, you need to only continue to do what produces results.


Once a vintner has fermented his wine he must allow it to age so that the flavors properly blend and mellow. Without properly ageing the wine, it will not taste proper. When marketing on the internet don’t expect things to be working their absolute best right from the start. Almost all forms of internet marketing take time to meet their potential.

It has actually been proven that with Google Adwords (the leader in internet advertising) doing the exact same things with a new and old account have drastically different results. Google rewards long term quality. The only way to receive these rewards is to allow your marketing strategies age on the internet. This may sound like a contradiction to the filtering spoken of earlier. If you are getting bad results from something it is probably not going to get better over time. However when something is working but not as well as you hoped, often times it will improve over time, well as long as you follow the next step.

Refuse to Accept Good Enough

What separates the great vintners from the rest is their drive to always improve. They keep testing ingredients and processes to make a better wine than the year before. The same drive must be applied to internet marketing. With all the data analytic programs can collect, the tinkering to the many marketing options out there are and should be endless. Finding ten changes to make which each only improve things 1% gives you a 10% increase. When you take this to the extreme, a year or two down the road you will be shocked at what you thought was so good in the past. Another interesting thing about the internet is that it is always changing and if your marketing isn’t it will quickly become outdated and you will begin to see a decrease on your ROI.

While we may never have any part in making a great wine, other than opening up a bottle, we can learn from the great vintners how we can improve our internet marketing efforts. Now get out there and find the best ingredients, ferment those ingredients, age them and then never settle for good enough. If you do this you will find success in your internet marketing.

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